animal crossing is not a game for the WEAK

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Cozy Bun and Cozy Kuma

Just made these uvu

(Source: pre-starfall)

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based off of my outfit today, here’s my kilt/top combo, with and without the cardigan~ [X]

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I haven’t updated this blog in such a long time! I finally have my pictures uploaded to my laptop~

Also you should visit Hylia! DC 5100-2973-6970

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So i went to change my alpine fabric, it used to be a gingham thing like the center of what it is now, but this is way prettier! and the funny thing is it was gonna be polka dots but i never changed the title so i’m realizing it says Alpine Tartan still. never really was tartan in the first place, was it though?

aywy enjoy the cute minty gingham lace thing! it looks like a pretty applique i love it n_n

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Bee’s waitress uniform from Natasha Allegri’s Bee and Puppycat.

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when your character trips within the first 5 seconds of the game you know it’s gonna be a bad day

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first visitor/visit, terrelle [x] comes to hylia and i visit kosho, where he isn’t even mayor~

part 2 [part 1 here]

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first visitor/visit, terrelle [x] comes to hylia and I visit Kosho, where he isn’t even mayor~

part 1 [part 2 here]

#personal #animal crossing new leaf #acnl